XVII International MBA Congress
We invite you to learn about the details of the XVII International MBA Congress.

 Dates: 14-16 May 2021.

The International MBA Congress, organized by the Cracow School of Business CUE is the biggest initiative of such type in Poland, bringing together students and alumni. This event, due to the epidemiological situation, will be virtual. The Congress aims primarily at building an active platform for cooperation, exchange of experiences, expanding knowledge and horizons, both for current students, graduates and representatives of the world of science, business and administration.

The specificity of the Congress is determined – apart from the main topic – by the combination of speeches by leading experts, entrepreneurs and economists with speeches by representatives of the world of science from Polish and foreign universities. As every year, the Congress will be attended by senior and middle-level managers holding the title of Master of Business Administration, MBA Program Directors and lecturers at Polish and foreign universities. The Krakow Business School of the Krakow University of Economics aims to ensure that the annual congress meetings permanently enter the calendar of each MBA manager, hence the decision to use new circumstances and tools for remote communication and give space for discussion despite restrictions on gatherings and events of a congress character.

Keyword – Back in the game – from Business Resilience to Growth Acceleration

“I haven’t failed. I just discovered 10,000 wrong solutions ” – Thomas Edison

According to the researchers, the issue of business resilience is a special challenge for modern economic organizations – especially in times of crises. The main task for them is to ensure economic resilience, understood as limiting or eliminating disruptive incidents that have a negative impact on the achieved results. In addition, an important element is the elimination or neutralization of events causing a significant change and the ability to adapt to new conditions.

Therefore, we can distinguish a number of indicators of organizational resilience, which have been divided into three groups: 1) leadership and organizational culture, 2) networks – partnerships, the use of knowledge, cooperation, and 3) readiness for change.

It seems that the year 2020 has made us very brutally aware of the importance of the ability to adapt to rapidly changing conditions, how much cooperation networks and partnerships are needed, and finally that strong and decisive leadership can pierce the problem into an opportunity and cause strong growth. company values.

The changes that have been forced by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic will permanently change not only interpersonal relations, but also allow to revise the managerial competences of many companies. How do entrepreneurs cope with these changes, how do their organizational structures react, and if and how the implemented changes will affect our everyday lives. These are just some of the questions that we will face during the 17th International MBA Congress. You’re welcome!

The XVII International MBA Congress is:

Panels – The Congress will feature two inaugural lectures and five real-time thematic panels.

  • Keynote Speaker I  (in English): dr Wiesław Żyznowski – President of Mercator Medical S.A.
  • Keynote Speaker II (in English): Zbigniew Woźnowski – President and Co-Founder of Reality Games

PANEL I (in English): Business Resilience

During this Panel, you will learn about the history of companies that were put to the test by the pandemic. You will learn stories about resilience and what can be successful in such unfavorable conditions

  • Max Dudhia – President of Maylane Polska Entertainment Ltd.
  • Anna Kornecka – Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology
  • Maciej Socha – Founder and President of Manifold Ltd.
  • Dorota Wydymus – Representative of the Board of Investments and Development at Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport. Kraków Airport Hotel Ltd.
  • dr Piotr Sedlak – Moderator

PANEL II (in English): Growth acceleration

The past year has exposed companies to unprecedented disruption, shifts and challenges. In this panel we will have an opportunity to discuss the fast-track adaptation strategies and lessons learnt along the way from the perspective of three very different industries. We will also debate if and how the experiences of the past year can contribute to optimistic short-term scenarios and future long-term growth.

  • Anna Grabowska – Vice-President of the Management Board of Żabka Polska
  • Piotr Koszek – Associate Director, Accenture
  • Tomasz Żurek – Member of the Board, Risk Operational Servces and Control Head, UBS
  • dr Agnieszka Żur – Moderator
  • PANEL III (in English): Labor Market after Covid-19 Crisis

    • Anna Curyło – Payroll & amp; HR Operations Manager, State Street
    • Katarzyna Kern – Global Head of HR, ANSR; First Certified Chief Happiness Officer in Poland
    • dr Marek Benio – Vice President, European Labor Mobility Institute
    • prof. dr hab. Andrzej Wojtyna – Professor, Cracow University of Economics
    • dr Monika Sady – Moderator

    Panel IV (in Polish): Business Resilience in Aviation Industry

    What is 2021 like? How are aviation organizations dealing with the crisis? Has the business resilience test been passed, or is it still ongoing? What’s next in the area of ​​business continuity? Is flying safe and will it still be? Our experts will answer these and other questions.

    • Magdalena Roehlich – Welcome Airport Services, Kraków Quality Safety & amp; Security Manager
    • Joanna Wieczorek – Head of Aviation Desk, Dentons
    • Radosław Włoszek – President of Cracow Airport
    • Michał Jaworski – Welcome Airport Services – Moderator

    Panel V (in Polish): Community Management in turbulent times

    The “local government panel” will discuss the current challenges faced by the authorities of the largest cities in Poland, as well as their recipes for managing in times of crisis.

    • Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – President of Gdańsk
    • Jacek Jaśkowiak – President of Poznań
    • prof. dr hab. Jacek Majchrowski – President of Kraków
    • Jacek Sutryk – President of Wrocław
    • Hanna Zdanowska – President of Łódź
    • Ilona Byra – Chairman of the Board, Hevelius Institute – Moderator

    Workshops Congress participants also have the opportunity to participate in the workshop part. The meetings will be conducted by trainers with a high level of substantive knowledge and extensive professional experience, including in the field of remote education. Thanks to interdisciplinary groups and a wide range of industries that meet at the Congress, it is a great opportunity to train your own skills and acquire new competences.

    • Business Workshop I (in English): Inprogress – “Developing stakeholder competencies as one of key project success factors”
    • Business Workshop II (in English): Altkom – “Atmosphere in a team – Experience from space in earthly world”
    • Business Workshop III (in Polish): Future Skills Institute & amp; SDA – “Using UX research to increase the business value of the company”
    • Business Workshop IV (in English): Jef Teugels – MRI * or how to predict future business performance.
    • Business Workshop V (in Polish): Unima2000 – Automation and robotization of customer service processes. Experience from the implementation of UniChatBot at Black Red White S.A.

    Company Visits – (Visits & amp; Meetings – industry, science & amp; culture) – it is a tradition that the MBA Congress begins with Company Visits, i.e. visits (this year by virtual) companies located in the vicinity of Krakow. This year’s participants of the Congress will have the opportunity to listen and see how the visited enterprises operate on a daily basis. Study visits are an ideal opportunity to learn about the processes and secrets of success of dynamically developing companies in the region.

    • NowyStyl – online visit (in English)
    • National Museum – online visit (in English)
    • Krakow Technology Park – online visit (in English)
    • ELPLC S.A. – online visit (in Polish)
    • Kuźnia Sułkowice S.A. – online visit (in Polish)

    Networking The Congress is primarily an opportunity to talk freely, establish business contacts, discuss both the modern world and future development plans . Event orderthe first day of the Congress is KSB Networking Night combined with a charity auction. On the other hand, the culmination of the Congress is Golf & amp; organized on the premises of Royal Kraków. Country Club in Ochmanów, near Krakow KSB UEK Golf Cup tournament combined with the Golf Academy for beginners and a family picnic. If the situation in the country allows us to do so, we will be happy to see you live.

    You are cordially invited!

    dr Piotr Sedlak

    Director of the Krakow Business School of the Krakow University of Economics